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AgMesh update - getting closer!


Product designed with farmer experience

  • Thanks to all the early adopter farmers who helped shape an experience built around hassle free tech. We are almost ready to start our on-farm mission to power the farm sensing infrastructure livestock producers need to leap into future farming operational efficiency gains.

 Introducing a reliable, automated in-paddock feed portioning solution

  • Our first leap forward together is to transform your everyday mechanical feeder into an automated rationing unit with our bolt on farm-wide sensing kit. A simple and broad use case leveraging EID ear tags on livestock and proximity sensors to give a small portion of feed.
  •  Helping future focused livestock producers

  • Welcoming initial product support to future-focused livestock farmers seeking to improve margins and livestock welfare through a combination of technology advantage, data and existing farm infrastructure. 

Our tech is simple, hassle free and cockatoo proof – promise guaranteed!

Calling future focused livestock producers to get in touch now!

A taster - how to get started?

Step 1

Pick a lease period
We'll call you for preferred delivery date. Alternatively, the option exists to purchase the equipment outright.

Step 2

Recieve your feeder equipment
We’ll deliver your feeder unit by the agreed date.

Step 3

Switch on the unit
While at the feeding location, turn the power of the unit on in one simple action.

Step 4

Set the daily feed threshold
Now, it’s over to you to begin to see the technology at work.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ​​

AgMesh started to help livestock producers seeking affordable sensing technology designed specifically for use in agriculture that just works, simple.

Our mission is to power on farm sensing infrastructure of livestock producers and improve margins.
We simplify sensing infrastructure deployment for livestock businesses of every size in pursuit of this mission.

As a team, we are engineering focused with the capability to help you simplify technology implementation across IoT connectivity and RFID hardware solutions.

Improve operational margins with on farm usage of our bolt-on kit and a data feed to your farm management system to generate insight for decisions on production activity.

We offer affordable EID reader and connectivity equipment that allows you to get set up quickly with advanced sensing technology. Our proprietary system can be retrofit to virtually any farm equipment. Speak to us now if you have specific problems you want to solve or for a free pricing brochure.

We offer industrial grade EID reader and connectivity equipment that allows you to offer new services to your customers. As a valued partner you get access to our complimentary onboarding service AgMesh Live to help get your team started quickly. Speak to us now to receive a free pricing brochure.

At launch, first usage is for feeders. The offering delivered to producers is capability to feed each animal a specific amount, this allows smaller animals to catch up. So what? Well, this also translates to tangible measurable return on feed cost per filling cycle.

AgMesh delivers a proprietary EID reading system which seamlessly integrates into existing farm equipment product offerings via our device onboarding portal. This AgMesh product can be broken down to:

Item 1: RFID Reading Equipment

Item 2: AgMesh Data Driver

Item 3: AgMesh Live Licence

All hardware is easily retrofitted with a couple of tek screws.

Each animal that visits this equipment is registered by the AgMesh sensor scanner. The animal’s information is collected automatically from its Electronic Identification (EID) tag. Once identified a small feed ration is given to the animal. 

AgMesh sensing technology can be installed on any farming equipment that is convenient for you and your livestock—water trough, silo or livestock feeder. It’s super easy.
Each animal that visits this equipment is registered by the sensor scanner. The animal’s information is collected automatically from its Electronic Identification (EID) tag.

Think of the offering as elevating in 15 minutes a metal piece of equipment sitting idle in a paddock or around your farm by giving it the smarts which enable you to solve operational problems with no hassle. We make this possible!

Call us now to discuss a unique operational problem or pricing