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AgMesh started to help producers seeking affordable sensing technology designed specifically for use in agriculture that just works, simple.

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At launch, our first use case is feeders, the offering delivered to producers is capability to feed each animal an amount specific to that animal, this allows smaller animals to catch up. So what? Well, this also translates to tangible measurable return on feed cost per filling cycle

AgMesh Live delivers a proprietary EID reading system which seamlessly integrates into existing farm equipment product offerings via our device onboarding portal. This AgMesh Live product can be broken down to:

Item 1: RFID Reading Equipment

Item 2: AgMesh Data Driver

Item 3: AgMesh Live Licence

Think of the offering as elevating in 15 minutes a metal piece of equipment sitting idle in a paddock or around your farm by giving it the smarts which enable producers of all levels to individualise animal management. We make this possible!

AgMesh Live is a single source provider to power smart devices across your farm operations, making it easier for everyone to finally get started with affordable, reliable sensing technology. Daily tasks are transformed by automated smarts, which fill your business case in the process.


We Do

AgMesh is enabling producers to adopt advanced technology by simplifying sensor deployment and data capture with our IoT (Internet of Things) service. We do this so that producers can focus on what pain points they want to solve and make important decisions that improve productivity and animal welfare in the Australian Livestock Industry.


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