• AgMesh MeshMaster

    MeshMaster is suitable for wide range of agricultural and industrial usages including but not limited
    to, water system monitoring, pump and bore control, tank and trough monitoring, silo level
    monitoring, industrial automation, upgrading irrigation system control, H-vac control, and useable
    with AgMesh proprietary EID system.

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  • AgMesh Feeder Reader

    AgMesh’s Feed Rationing unit is one of a kind. Mobile, solar-powered and with a built-in ID tag reader, it allows you to set grain allocations for each individual animal, which is then dispensed automatically when livestock approach the feeder.

    Why not try with our Feeder Control system for the complete individual animal management solution

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  • AgMesh Feed Controller

    The AgMesh add on that allows you to control the amount of feed dispensed per day for livestock visiting the feeder. When used with our EID reading solution you have the power to control the amount of feed an animal can access daily providing you with a complete individual animal management solution.

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